William Arthur Hanson – Alaskan Writer

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Writer Bill Hanson with King Crab
Writer Bill Hanson with King Crab

William Arthur Hanson (Bill Hanson) is an Alaskan writer who searches for the roots of life in landscapes and the inhabitants they shape. He draws on 30 years as a biologist, forester, and ecologist. He has worked from the rainforests of Southeast Alaska to the subarctic taiga of the Interior.  His writing mixes his deep knowledge of Alaska with people and places from his worldwide travels to Vietnam, Russia, Mexico, Ecuador, Europe, Malaysia, and much of the United States.



Chanterelle mushrooms on skiff.
Wild foods of Southeast Alaska. Yellow chanterelle mushrooms on bow of skiff. Salmon and shrimp fishing gear on stern.

Bill’s daily explorations begin five minutes from his doorstep, where he can launch his skiff into saltwater or hike the first deer trail without the fetters of “No Trespassing” signs. He loves to supply his family table with local mushrooms, wild plants, seafood, and venison, knowing that these foods re-create the landscape in our minds and muscles. From his home in Juneau, he checks the tide ribbons and wind riffles of Gastineau Channel each morning to imagine what the day will bring.

Alaska Billy Blog

Alaskan writer William Arthur Hanson transposes Wyoming life to Alaska.
Billy Hanson, on horseback. As an Alaskan writer, William Arthur Hanson looks back to the landscapes of his grandfather’s ranch.

The Alaska Billy Blog uses family history to consider how the landscapes of our past shape our future lives. Born in 1881, only 5 years after Custer’s Last Stand at the Little Big Horn, Bill’s grandfather and namesake, William Otis Hanson (Billy Hanson), grew up in a sod house on the Nebraska prairie. At the age of 15, Billy left home to become a cowboy in Wyoming. The Billy Blog combines relics from Billy’s steamer trunk with the Bill’s memories of his grandfather’s ranch (called “The Billy” by neighbors) to link the society and history of life in the rural West from 1881 to 1964 to life in the present day. Go to the Alaska Billy Blog

Southeast Alaska: Where the earth meets the sea meets the sky
Southeast Alaska: Where the earth meets the sea meets the sky

 Spinning Heart (novel in development)

Bill’s novel, Spinning Heart, explores love and adventure in the changing world of 1899-1901. The main character  is the same age as William Otis Hanson (see the Alaska Billy Blog) would have been. The story is set in the coastal rainforests, islands, and channels of the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Alaska, rather than Billy’s near desert in Wyoming. More about novels by William Arthur Hanson

Illusions Of Memory, a mystery-thriller novel (Seeking Literary Agent)

In search of solace from the suicide of his best friend, an Alaskan fisherman abandons his life in Alaska.  During a visit in San Francisco, he becomes entangled in the strange behavior of his aging father. He must deal with his father’s dementia while solving a deadly mystery that leads him back to Alaska. Contact William Arthur Hanson regarding representation of Illusions of Memory

Seeking Opportunity To Travel The Inside Passage From Puget Sound To Southeast Alaska In Spring 2017

Bill is looking for an opportunity to hitch a ride on a vessel traveling from Puget Sound to Southeast Alaska in Spring 2017 (or from Alaska to Puget Sound). In connection with research for, Spinning Heart, Bill must become familiar with the channels, coastline, and ports/anchorages of British Columbia. He is flexible regarding dates and type/size of vessel. The exact departure and arrival ports are not critical.

He has 35 years of experience handling small boats and traveling on vessels up to 65 feet. He is willing to assist as a deckhand and with other duties. He has previously sailed from Port Townsend to Nanaimo, BC on the south end. He has also traveled on motor vessels throughout most of the major channels in Southeast Alaska from Ketchikan to Yakutat. Contact Bill Hanson if interested in providing Inside Passage opportunity.