William Arthur Hanson’s novels draw from his professional knowledge of fish, wildlife, and ecosystems to bring the natural world alive for every reader with a commitment to scientific accuracy. Bill loves to discover how characters use their home knowledge to adapt to new landscapes and cultures.

He is seeking a Literary Agent to represent his novel, Illusions of Memory (completed in 2016) and future work, including his current novel, Spinning Heart

Work boat in Southeast Alaska
Work boat in Southeast Alaska

Illusions Of Memory, a mystery-thriller novel (Seeking Literary Agent)

In search of solace from the suicide of his best friend, an Alaskan fisherman abandons his life in Alaska, only to become entangled in the strange behavior of his aging father. Trapped during a visit in San Francisco, he must deal with his father’s dementia while solving a deadly mystery that leads him back to Alaska.

Illusions of memory reflects Bill’s experiences in with his mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and with his father’s dementia.

Spinning Heart (novel in development)

Spinning Heart, explores love and adventure in the changing world of 1899-1901 with a main character who is the same age as William Otis Hanson would have been, but set in the coastal rainforests, islands, and channels of the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Alaska.

The Alaska Billy Blog (life of William Otis Hanson) provides a way to explore topics useful in writing Spinning Heart, including themes, history, and changes in American society at the dawn of the 20th century: exploration of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, migration and settlement of new territory, and the changing roles and perspectives of women.

Bill is looking for an opportunity to hitch a ride on a vessel traveling from Puget Sound to Southeast Alaska in Spring 2017 (or from Alaska to Puget Sound). In connection with research for Spinning Heart, Bill must become familiar with the channels, coastline, and ports/anchorages of British Columbia. He is flexible regarding dates and type/size of vessel. The exact departure and arrival ports are not critical.

M/V Curlew, 65-foot research vessel. Bill Hanson
M/V Curlew, 65-foot research vessel departs for Gulf of Alaska and Icy Bay with skipper and Bill Hanson on board.

He has 35 years of experience handling small boats and traveling on vessels up to 65 feet. He is willing to assist as a deckhand and with other duties. He has previously sailed from Port Townsend to Nanaimo, BC on the south end. He has also traveled on motor vessels throughout most of the major channels in Southeast Alaska from Ketchikan to Yakutat. Contact Bill Hanson if interested in providing Inside Passage opportunity.

Other Novels

William Arthur Hanson began experimenting with fiction during the 1990’s. His first two novels, Chocolate Lilies and Island of Tranquility, were written during early mornings, lunches, and late nights while working full time. Neither has been strongly marketed nor published.