Work History

William Hanson (Bill Hanson) has served his entire career in Alaska.

1977-78. Land Law Examiner, Alaska State Office, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Anchorage. Adjudication of Alaska Native Corporation applications to claim lands under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

1978-81. Fire Effects Specialist, Anchorage District Office, BLM, Anchorage. Implementation and coordination of ecological studies of wildfires. Lead for plant ecology. Interagency Fire Management Planning to prioritize wild fire suppression and reduce suppression of fires with positive effects. Team member to test effectiveness of using LANDSAT satellite imagery to map vegetation cover.

1981-90. Ketchikan Area Forester, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Ketchikan. Forest practices admin for timber harvest on state and private lands. Beach log salvage program: recovery of abandoned logs.

1990-92. Cold Storage Manager, Quality Control Manager, Silver Lining Seafoods, Ketchikan. Packaging and shipment of frozen seafood products. Quality assurance and cost assessment for seafood processing.

1992-93. Freelance Writer, Juneau. Nonfiction articles, primarily related to seafood and forestry.

1993-1996. Operations Manager, Health Sea Inc., Juneau. Financial and operational management for inventor and producer of value-added seafood products such as Salmon Ham.

1996-97. Independent Consultant, Alaska Resource Management Services (owner). Contract bookkeeping for accounting firm; various seafood-related services.

1997-2003. Regional Management Coordinator/Regional Supervisor, Division of Habitat & Restoration, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Juneau. Supervision of 5 area offices and regional office- ADFG review of all development activities in SE Alaska.

2003-2014. Branch Chief/Field Supervisor, Juneau Field Office, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Juneau. Initially Branch Chief for Assessment and Monitoring. After 2009, Field Supervisor for Southeast Alaska: review of development activities, protection of threatened and endangered species, habitat restoration.